Three boxed books Spinsters of Adeline by Lariette Lee, Author of Hot Cowboy Romance

Bundled, boxed set of the hot cowboy romance series, the Spinsters of Adeline, by author Lariette Lee including book one, My Cowboy’s Calling, book two, My Cowboy’s Cemetery and book three My Cowboy’s Commitment. There’s a new superpower in Calton County, the AXL Ranch. With it come three gorgeous cowboys who leave their lucrative occupations elsewhere. They meet three spinster schoolteachers who are like no other women they’ve ever had—beautiful, passionate and willing to send them on their way when it’s time to leave to leave Adeline.
Once they meet, these cowboys and spinsters can’t go back to the lives they had before and they can’t get back the hearts they came with. It’s a fact that if you live in Adeline, a place of small-town living and ranching, potent desire and falling in love are part of the landscape, like cattle and cotton.

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